A very successful safari on the 777 ranch for Addax, Dama Gazelle, Grants Gazelle and Markhor. To hunt these species, even at a time that they were all huntable, would have involved a trip to the Sahara for the Addax and Dama Gazelle, a trip to East Africa for the Grants Gazelle and then a trip to what is most likely Tajikistan for the Markhor – we say most likely, as we are not entirely sure of the subspecies of Markhor on the ranch, however, going from appearance, we believe that there is a heavy throw of Bukharan Markhor in the mix.

Whereas Markhor can still be hunted in very limited numbers in their natural habitat (for a Kings ransom) and Grants Gazelle are still available in Tanzania and Ethiopia, neither Addax nor Dama Gazelle can be hunted in their natural habitat and its highly unlikely that this will ever change. This is where the 777 Ranch comes into its own, by offering an experience to make hunters dreams come true.

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