The 777 Ranch has been the premier hunting ranch in the United States for 50 years.

The owner, Jeff Rann, a renowned African Dangerous Game Professional, has made it his goal to bring the African experience to Texas.
The ranch sits on the edge of the Texas Hill Country in South Texas, home of the famed South Texas Whitetail.
We offer excellent all year-round hunting of exotic game, and seasonal hunting of native North American Game.
The hunt experience is very well suited to both serious hunters, regardless of whether they are after big whitetail or who have always dreamt of hunting beautiful trophies from faraway countries, as well as providing an excellent social experience for families, groups or corporates.
The 777 Ranch produces excellent trophy quality and we pride ourselves in our signature of only shooting “Big & Old”
There is NO “Put & Take” hunting on the 777.
All animals hunted on the ranch are born and raised on the ranch.

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