Ranch Guidelines


777 Ranch does not have many rules, but those we have, we adhere to.

Safety First:The safety of all guests is top priority. Keep firearms unloaded and actions open until you are in the hunting area and your guide instructs you to load them. When returning to the lodge, please unload all weapons before leaving the hunting area. Please remember

Safety is No Accident!

No Smoking in your Room. & No Smoking in the Lodge.

Meal Times:Meals vary due to the change in seasons and length of days. Please visit with your guide for meal times.

Hunting Price List:This is a general guide to prices. Not all species are listed. In addition, there are some animals that may be offered at a lower price or higher price than what is listed. All prices will be quoted by your guide in the field.Please do not shoot anything unless your guide quotes the price first.
*All Management Packages are based on the Guide stating the animals that fit within your package. *If you choose a different animal, the score of the animal dictates the price plus daily rates * Because, it will no longer be a Management Package. *

All bills will be paid in full before departing ranch.

Wounded Game Definition: Your first stop is the 777 shooting range where your guide will ask you to shoot yourweapon to make sure it is properly sighted in. We consider an animal wounded if you hit it in the horn, tail, gut, or if we find blood, meat, hair or see/hear that it has been hit.Wounded game is charged at full trophy fee.

Every effort will be made by your guide to find your animal.

20 mph Speed Limit on the 777 Ranch.

Fishing: Catch and release only.


Life preservers are available upon request.

Towels: Please do not use the White Ranch Room Towels to clean your gun or boots. If you do, you will be charged for the towel.

Room Damage: Any Room Damage or 777 Ranch Property Damage caused by you will be charged to you.

Your Reservation: As per Confirmation Letter or Invoice. Check in time is 1:00 p.m. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. on final day in camp. We accept Checks, Cash (U.S. dollars only), Cashier Checks, Travelers Cheques, Money Orders, or approved credit cards in camp.

Convenience Fee will be applied to final bill if paying with a Credit Card at Check Out. Fee will vary depending on type of Credit Card.

Muddy Boots/Shoes:(Should we experience wet weather or if you are hiking in a muddy area)
When returning to the lodge, please remove muddy boots or shoes before entering your Room or the Lodge. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Scoring of Trophies: The 777 ranch does not quote scores on trophy game or provide scoring services. If you would like to have your trophy scored we can provide a list of Qualified Scorers.
Taxidermy/ Shipping: If you require taxidermy work, there are local taxidermists available to handle your needs. We provide prices prior to your departure. Please provide written instructions on work order prior to departure. The deposit for the taxidermy work will be made directly to the 777 Ranch. The final payment is made to the taxidermist. Shipping: The 777 Ranch does not provide shipping or crating service.

We recommend that you take any meat, skins, horns or personal items with you when you depart.

The 777 Ranch does not accept responsibility for your horns, skins, or meat after you depart the ranch.

Meat: You may take your meat with you, or we can have the meat picked up by a local processor. All payments will be made to the processor for cutting and shipping. Please, be sure cutting orders are in before you leave the ranch.

Special Note to All Guests: We want to make this a most memorable experience for you. During your stay, if you need anything, please let your guide or anyone on the 777 Ranch Staff know, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


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